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Best way to do your tax return

DIY or hire a pro: How should you do your taxes?

Between paper forms, tax software and tax professionals, you’ve got lots of options when it comes to preparing and filing your return. One may be a better fit than another.

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Essential financial tips for newlyweds

Just married? 5 essential financial moves for newlyweds

If you’ve recently gotten married, you may want to make these five financial moves, regardless of how you plan to organize your cash flow and bank accounts.

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Can I reduce my life insurance coverage?

When should you reduce your life insurance coverage?

Over the course of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, it’s not uncommon for your life insurance needs to change. Understand if reducing your life insurance coverage is the right move for your loved ones and your wallet.

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Why should you buy life insurance

Why is it important to have life insurance?

You know you need life insurance, but you haven’t gotten around to buying a policy yet. Here are seven reasons to pick up the pace on getting covered.

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7 things to know when buying life insurance in 2019

If ‘buy life insurance’ tops your financial to-do list for 2019, here’s what to know when picking the right policy for your individual needs.

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End of year charitable giving

Your guide to end-of-year charitable giving

Nearly one-third of charitable giving happens in December. Learn how to create a charitable giving strategy, use a donor-advised fund for tax savings and vet charities with free online tools.

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10 things to know before buying a home

10 things to know before buying a home

If you’re thinking of buying a home soon, check out these tips before you hit the pavement.

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Does credit score affect life insurance premiums?

Can my credit score affect my life insurance premium?

Find out if your credit score can affect your eligibility for life insurance or how much you’ll pay for coverage.

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How a DNA test can affect your life insurance rates

Can taking a DNA test impact your life insurance rates?

Genetic testing is increasingly accessible and touching more areas of life. Here’s what you need to know about a DNA test’s potential impact on life insurance.

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Quicken Loans Review

Review: Should you consider Rocket Mortgage for your home loan?

Rocket Mortgage is Quicken Loans’ unique digital mortgage application platform. Here are the pros and cons of using Rocket Mortgage for your home loan.

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