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Preparing for a life insurance medical exam

Even in the easy, online world of term life insurance, you still may need to take a medical exam to get your final decision on coverage eligibility and your real rate. This isn’t a bad thing. Typically, the less assumptions that are being made about your health often results in better policy pricing.

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Why do life insurance applications have so many questions?

We know life insurance applications may seem long. And trust me, we’ve worked with our parent company MassMutual to try and make the Haven Term application as streamlined as possible.

That said, these questions are absolutely necessary to verify your identity, determine your health, review your medical background and ultimately, determine what rate class you’ll be in.

If you haven’t purchased a life insurance policy before (or at least peeked at the start of an application) you might be surprised to see that questions can range from asking for your Social Security Number and occupation to hobbies and what medications you’re taking.

As a customer service representative at Haven Life, I’ve communicated with plenty of customers who are seeking details and reasoning behind the in-depth and oh-so-personal questions. It’s understandable and also very explainable.

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