A person works typing at a computer

The hardest working people in America

Feeling overworked? Analysts at Haven Life calculated the total time residents spend working and commuting in different cities across the U.S.

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Person sitting on an exam table talking to their doctor

People in these cities rarely go to the doctor

Haven Life looked at how frequently people across the U.S. go to the doctor for a checkup. Here’s what they found.

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The most popular cities for families with young kids

Researchers at Haven Life identified the most popular cities for young families. Well-educated areas with high income and low unemployment are a top choice.

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best states to retire in

The best states for an early retirement

Dreaming of retiring early? Researchers looked into cost of living, health care, weather, recreation, and more to find the top states for retirement.

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The most millennial spending habits

New research shows how millennials spend money differently from older generations. See where their financial priorities differ.

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where do millennials live

Where millennials are (and are not) buying homes

Researchers at Haven Life looked at where millennials are (and are not) buying homes. While most millennials can’t afford to buy in coastal cities, many are buying in the Midwest.

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The 2018 financial checklist for new parents

Discover essential financial moves that new parents should check off when welcoming a new baby.

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Millennial parents are dedicated to raising well-rounded kids at any cost

Millennials are – or are about to become – parents.

Actually, 9,000 per day if you’re keeping score at home.

So, how are we doing so far?

Good question.

Haven Life surveyed parents (with children ages 0-5) to find out what they are prioritizing when raising Generation Alpha.

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Looking for a home? How buying compares to renting in these top cities

Families are increasingly faced with the question of whether they should rent or buy. Here’s how the price-to-rent ratio can help determine if it’s worth it.

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25 states with the best public education

Whether it’s paying for private education or buying a home in the best school district, if it’s financially feasible, most parents will do anything to give their kids the very best. Learn what states offer top public education that can be gentler on your wallet.

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