Life Insurance

what you need to know about life insurance

Your life insurance questions answered

Life insurance doesn’t need to be complicated. We answer some of your most pressing questions.

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What does term life insurance cover?

Life insurance helps cover your loved ones financially if you were to die. The money from a life insurance death benefit (the policy payout) can be used in numerous ways that support the beneficiaries’ needs.

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Using life insurance to protect against your mortgage

Owning a home means having a little piece of the world where your family can grow – a place your children can return to after first days of kindergarten, first dates, and first years at college.

Your home is also a cornerstone of your family’s financial future because it’s a substantial asset that’s likely to grow. But even the best-made plans are not certain, so homeowners need a way to protect their mortgage from falling to their partner or a co-signer if they were no longer around.

Term life insurance offers an affordable way to protect your family’s ability to pay the mortgage, and, ultimately, to stay in their safe haven. And, if you’re a young, healthy new homeowner, you have access to some of the best term life rates out there.

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Preparing for a life insurance medical exam

Even in the easy, online world of term life insurance, you still may need to take a medical exam to get your final decision on coverage eligibility and your real rate. This isn’t a bad thing. Typically, the less assumptions that are being made about your health often results in better policy pricing.

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How much of the life insurance application process can I do online?

We’ve become pretty accustomed to our convenient online services. It seems near impossible to imagine a life before Amazon Prime’s two-day free shipping, scheduling an early morning rideshare app pickup for 6 a.m. flights, or even being able to manage your banking without setting foot in an actual bank.

Just like the previously mentioned services, the life insurance buying process has also experienced similar innovation.

High quality, affordable and personalized coverage that can be purchased entirely online is real. And it’s spectacular.

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Life insurance policy term lengths

How to pick the right life insurance policy term length

Not sure which term length you should go with? We break it down for you.

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When do you need to get life insurance?

Confessions of a Life Insurance Startup: Who Owns a Policy?

At Haven Life, our team tries to walk the talk. We invest with roboadvisers. We believe Venmo truly has made splitting bills a lot easier. We use every car service app available in New York City. And, we buy life insurance when we need it.

That being said, on our team of about 20 people, not all of us have life insurance.

But, for those of us who don’t own a policy, we have a good rationale and understanding of why we haven’t taken the plunge yet. For those who do have a life insurance policy, I’d argue we have even better stories to tell.

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Meet the new Haven Life

Change is never easy. It can be uncomfortable. Unpredictable. Unnecessary. So if you’re going to change something, especially something that works, you better have a good reason. In our case, we had a great one. You. When Haven Life was started back in 2015, it was with the intent that customers would always determine what…

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Top Factors That Impact Your Life Insurance Premium

When shopping for life insurance, it’s safe to say we’re all seeking the best value. We want to get the most coverage for the lowest price.

While comparing life insurance quotes across insurers is one of the best ways to secure affordable pricing, there are many other factors at play. Some of these factors are in your control, and others aren’t.

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Four Tips For Securing Affordable Term Life Insurance

Saving money – it’s hardwired into a shopper’s economic DNA. Whether you’re buying a new car, new shoes, or just more toothpaste, finding a great deal is one of life’s little victories.

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