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is waiver of premium rider worth it

Five things you should know about the waiver of premium rider

The waiver of premium rider — also known as a waiver of premium for disability — is an optional addition to your policy that helps prevent your life insurance coverage from lapsing if you become incapable of continuing payments.

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What is the difference between term life insurance and accidental death?

What is accidental death insurance?

AD&D and life insurance are not the same type of coverage. Here, learn what exclusions to watch for and how to choose the right financial protection for your family and your wallet.

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Happy Birthday to us

In honor of Haven Life turning three, here are a few numbers that we’re really proud of

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what is key man life insurance

Who needs Key Man life insurance?

You know you’ve “made it” when your employer asks to take out a Key Man life insurance policy on you. Not to sound like a life insurance agency, but here are some people in need of it.

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Five things to know about the accelerated death benefit rider

“Accelerated death benefit” is a term you’ll encounter frequently in the life insurance buying process. Learn the pros and cons of this offering.

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best life insurance riders

What you need to know about life insurance riders

Life insurance riders may seem complex, but knowing what they are and how they work can help you choose which are best for you, your family, and your wallet.

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shopping for life insurance

Different types of life insurance coverage explained

If you’re purchasing life insurance, it’s important to understand the costs and benefits associated with different types of policies. Here, we compare so you can find the right policy.

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Applying for life insurance when you’re pregnant

First of all, congratulations. You’re about to undertake a magical voyage, a rewarding new journey filled with unimaginable joy and unforgettable experiences. This truly is a special time.

Yep, getting life insurance is amazing. (And yes, having a kid will be great, too.)

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What is a life insurance premium and how does it work?

Being fluent in life insurance requires some patience, but if there is one term to get extra familiar with, it’s “premium.” This word has everything to do with what you’ll pay to keep your coverage in place.

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Can I buy insurance on someone else?

Can you buy a life insurance policy on someone else?

We’ve all seen this story in a movie. A character dies mysteriously, and while investigating, the police discover that someone close to the deceased recently took out a life insurance policy on them. (Cue eerie music and dramatic crash of lightning.) It’s an open-and-shut plot device in a crime flick, but in real life, you…

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