Life Insurance

Your guide to buying affordable term life insurance online

Buying life insurance online can be convenient, dependable and allows you to research options on your own time. Here’s what to know about buying life insurance online.

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Who needs life insurance?

Understand when most people buy life insurance so you can get the right coverage and price for your loved ones and your budget.

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7 scenarios where a single person might need life insurance

Life insurance isn’t always necessary for a single person, but there are some circumstances where you should consider a policy.

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shopping for term life insurance in your 40s

Buying term life insurance in your 40s

Your 40s are an ideal time to revisit critical financial decisions, like do you have the right amount of life insurance coverage for you?

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Who needs a 10 year term life insurance policy?

Who needs a 10-year term life insurance policy?

A 10-year term life insurance policy can be perfect for those who just need to “bridge the gap.” Here are factors you should consider when making a decision about which term length is right for you.

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How much of the life insurance application process can you do online?

High quality, affordable and personalized term life insurance coverage can be easily purchased online. It’s real. And it’s spectacular.

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What kind of person needs a 20-year life insurance term?

6 types of people who might need a 20-year term life insurance policy

Term life insurance typically comes in 10, 15, 20 and 30-year term lengths. Find out if a 20-year life insurance policy is right for you and your loved ones.

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A pair of leading health and wellness apps come to Haven Life Plus

Leading health and wellness services Aaptiv and Timeshifter are now available at no cost to Haven Life customers.

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What is a life insurance premium and how does it work?

Being fluent in life insurance requires some patience, but if there is one term to get extra familiar with, it’s “premium.” This word has everything to do with what you’ll pay to keep your coverage in place.

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Dad smiles at his baby as he holds her up

What is joint life insurance?

Joint life insurance is a single policy that covers two people, but it’s not always cheaper or better than two separate policies.

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