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Life insurance policy term lengths

How to Pick the Right Life Insurance Policy Term Length

Not sure which term length you should go with? We break it down for you.

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When do you need to get life insurance?

Confessions of a Life Insurance Startup: Who Owns a Policy?

At Haven Life, our team tries to walk the talk. We invest with roboadvisers. We believe Venmo truly has made splitting bills a lot easier. We use every car service app available in New York City. And, we buy life insurance when we need it.

That being said, on our team of about 20 people, not all of us have life insurance.

But, for those of us who don’t own a policy, we have a good rationale and understanding of why we haven’t taken the plunge yet. For those who do have a life insurance policy, I’d argue we have even better stories to tell.

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Meet the new Haven Life

Change is never easy. It can be uncomfortable. Unpredictable. Unnecessary. So if you’re going to change something, especially something that works, you better have a good reason. In our case, we had a great one. You. When Haven Life was started back in 2015, it was with the intent that customers would always determine what…

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Top Factors That Impact Your Life Insurance Premium

When shopping for life insurance, it’s safe to say we’re all seeking the best value. We want to get the most coverage for the lowest price.

While comparing life insurance quotes across insurers is one of the best ways to secure affordable pricing, there are many other factors at play. Some of these factors are in your control, and others aren’t.

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Four Tips For Securing Affordable Term Life Insurance

Saving money – it’s hardwired into a shopper’s economic DNA. Whether you’re buying a new car, new shoes, or just more toothpaste, finding a great deal is one of life’s little victories.

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Coast to Coast: Haven Life is Now Available in All 50 States

Some things are worth the wait.

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I’m in My 50s. Should I Buy Life Insurance?

There are many things to look forward to in your 50s – taking a bucket list trip with your spouse, trying your hand at a new career (because you have the flexibility to do so), and enjoying the fruits of your labor from the first half-century of your life.

Overall, it’s a time to bask in the financial security you’ve been working to create over the years and ensuring you’re on the right path for retirement.

When it comes to smart financial planning in your 50s, does life insurance have a rightful place in the mix?

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Understanding Life Insurance Ratings

If the real estate mantra “location, location, location” had a life insurance equivalent, it would probably be “decisions, decisions, decisions.”

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Now Might Be the Best Time for Millennials to Buy Life Insurance

If you want to know the future of the economy, just ask a Millennial.

This generation, born in the 1980s and 1990s, has transformed the expectation of how and why we buy certain products. With a preference for digital services, Millennials have influenced the business models of many companies – new and old, which are adjusting to accommodate the preferences of this generation.

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online term life insurance quotes

Why It’s Time to Buy Life Insurance Online

Simple. Transparent. Efficient.

Those words typically aren’t associated with the traditional way of purchasing life insurance.

And that’s exactly why we invented a new way.

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