Haven Life Expands Coverage Eligibility Up to Age 65

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You know what they say about big life insurance announcements — they always come in threes.

September 14: Haven Life launched in our home state of New York.

September 21: We made our process even easier with the introduction of InstantTerm, which enables qualified, healthy applicants to buy our Haven Term policy without a medical exam. (While still offering up to $1 million in coverage at the same affordable price.)

Today: We’re expanding our coverage eligibility to adults up to 65.

We’ve been busy.

With Americans getting married and having children later than ever, 45 was just too young and limiting of an eligibility requirement for the modern family. (And at 48, our Head of Marketing just wouldn’t leave us alone about it.)

At Haven Life, we’ve created a process for buying life insurance that’s simple, affordable and convenient. It’s something we’re proud of. And it’s something that as of today, we’re pleased to be able to offer to even more people.

Whether you’re under 45 or over, if you’re in need of life insurance get a quick and easy quote here.

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