Haven Life
makes life
less hard

Haven Life makes
life less hard

We’re committed to providing you with a simple way to buy dependable and affordable term life insurance coverage.

We accomplish this by providing:

  • An easy online buying experience
  • An immediate decision on coverage
  • High-quality term life insurance, issued by A++ rated life insurer MassMutual**
  • Transparency through real rates for actual coverage options that you can actually buy
  • No medical exam required for some qualified applicants
  • Friendly customer support via live chat, phone, and email

Why life insurance is important

Life insurance offers a responsible way to care for the people who depend on you financially. Should the unexpected occur (and we certainly hope it doesn’t), the proceeds of a life insurance policy provide a necessary financial cushion to help pay the mortgage, cover child care, put the kids through college or cover any other expenses that may come up along the way.

It’s important to have a backup plan, and life insurance can provide that.

How Haven Life improves your purchasing experience

  • We provide you with a range of estimates: Use our life insurance calculator to help determine how much coverage you need and receive a range of estimated rates for term life coverage
  • We make it easy to discover your real rate: Quotes are good, but real rates are better. When you’re ready to move from an estimate to an actual price, just answer a few more questions about yourself, your lifestyle and your family history. We’ll provide you with a real price on real policy options that, in many cases, you can really purchase right away.
  • We don’t make you wait for answers: When you apply online with Haven Life, you’ll receive an immediate decision on coverage eligibility. There’s no 4-6 week wait. No phone call or faxes. If approved, you can start your coverage today.
  • We make the process as painless as possible: If a medical exam is required to finalize your coverage, we’ll help you schedule it (they make house and office calls) and cover the costs.

What affordable peace of mind looks like

A term life insurance policy provides one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to help protect your family financially during the years they need it most.

A healthy, 35-year-old could purchase a 20-year, $500,000 Haven Term policy for as little as $19 per month. That’s less than most families spend on TV streaming services or gym memberships per month.

Coverage is most affordable while you’re young and healthy, so it’s beneficial not to put off buying a policy. (Not to mention it’s easier than ever to secure quality coverage online.)

**Rating is as of August 1, 2017, and is subject to change. MassMutual has also received other ratings from different rating agencies.

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