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Moments of magic

Magic. It has to be. How else do you explain accomplishing so much in 2019?

The Haven Life Annual Report is our chance to hear from policyholders about all they’ve achieved in the past 12 months. And every year the responses get more and more remarkable. Take a moment to enjoy your report.  Show it to the people you love.

But, remember, when they ask “how you did it all this year”…a good magician never reveals their tricks.

Prepare to be amazed.

A woman's hand holding a card with a fish floating in the center “I learned how to properly
paint my nails”

65.8% learned
a new trick in 2019

Haven Term policyholders now know how to…

  • Paddleboard
  • Take the high road
  • Grow award-winning tomatoes
  • Negotiate with their teenage children
  • Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  • Play the banjolele
  • Deliver babies
  • Write statistical notation for hierarchical modeling

64.6% played
it safe

As for the other 35%…

  • “I went to Burning Man!”
  • “I ran a marathon”
  • “I started mountain biking more”
  • “I published my own book”
  • “I got really into archery”
  • “I rode my son’s hoverboard”
“I figured out how to subtly throw a game
of Chutes & Ladders”
“I started a micro farm!”
A small boy jumping into water An animation of rippling water

50% of you
talked to family
and friends
about the magic
of life insurance

We assume the rest
of you are just waiting for
the right moment

“I watched my kids splash in the ocean for the first time”
“I drove a moving van in New York City.
During rush hour.
“I changed a diaper for the last time.
After six years, all three of my kids
are now potty trained.”

In 2019,
11 new

  • Thai
  • Italian
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Sign
  • Python
  • French
  • Cantonese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • …and Toddler

More than a few of
you did something
truly inspiring*

  • “I started a barbering program for at-risk youths”
  • “I got accepted into my dream residency program”
  • “We adopted our daughter”
  • “I paid off all of my student loans”
  • “I survived invasive brain and spine surgery”
  • “I discovered my own inner strength by helping my two
    autistic sons begin talking and recognizing emotions”
*Too many to fit. You guys are amazing.
An animation of rippling water

72.3% felt lucky
in 2019

Things you were thankful for…

  • Winning the lottery
  • Making new friends
  • Looking great at 40
  • Beating cancer and becoming a survivor
  • Having cute grandkids
  • Finding a rare old coin on the beach
  • Renting a new home that allows for pets. Even 16 of them.
  • Adopting babies
  • Graduating from college
  • Getting dealt a good hand of cards
43% of Haven Term policyholders describe themselves as a King, Queen or Ace. While one policyholder claims to be a total four of spades
A hot air balloon floating over a cloud A hot air balloon floating over a cloud “I flew in a hot air balloon!”

In 2019,
the globe

  • Estonia
  • Croatia
  • Vermont
  • Cuba
  • Israel
  • Spain
  • Toronto
  • Alaska
  • Orlando
  • New York City
  • India
  • San Sebastian
  • Kenya
  • Greece
  • Hawaii
  • Italy
  • Turks & Caicos
  • Prague
  • Gatlinburg
  • Iceland
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • Oregon
  • Topsail Island
I walked across the stage to get my B.S. in Organizational Management, graduating summa cum laude after working a full-time career, planning a wedding and returning to school for 15 months straight. Cue the pixie dust, because that moment was magical AF”
“We built a community swing in the park across the street, and it was the biggest joy to have our kids meet new kids from the community and play on it together.”
“I made my own luck.”

And finally,
96.1% of you are
excited for 2020.

Good, us too.

Things you’re looking forward to:

  • “Taking time off to spend with family”
  • “Making a movie”
  • “Becoming a father”
  • “Chipping away at saving for a retirement beach house”
  • “Visiting my ancestor’s home in Scotland”
  • “Seeing my son graduate from kindergarten”
  • “Learning to fish”
  • “Going to the Olympics”
  • “Taking my daughter to meet Mickey for the first time”
  • “Training a service dog”
  • “Learning to do a handstand”
  • “Going on my honeymoon”
  • “Visiting the Grand Canyon”
  • “Building a shed”
  • “Earning my MBA”
  • “Not dying”
  • “Snowboarding in Breckenridge”
  • “Switching careers”
  • “Baby #4!”
  • “Being more financially responsible”
  • “Going to Antarctica. Maybe.”
  • “Becoming an aunt”
  • “Finishing my wooden sailboat project”
  • “Seeing the Cubs play baseball in London”
  • “Returning to school to finish my degree”
  • “Throwing a sweet 16 for my daughter”
  • “Becoming a licensed architect”
  • “Getting a new boss at work”
  • “Moving abroad”
  • “Starting a streaming video blog”
  • “Getting married”
  • “Celebrating 10 years of marriage”
  • “Filling up my passport book”
  • “Another Haven Life Annual Report!”

Have a magical
New Year!

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