Young businessman works on his computer at home

Why a high-yield savings account is worth a look

Most high-yield savings accounts are online, with no physical presence. Many offer an APY that may be significantly higher than what you can earn at a traditional bank.

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Best way to do your tax return

DIY or hire a pro: How should you do your taxes?

Between paper forms, tax software and tax professionals, you’ve got lots of options when it comes to preparing and filing your return. One may be a better fit than another.

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A little boy plays a guitar in his new room in the wintertime

5 things to know about buying a home in the winter

Venturing out into the cold to look at homes may not sound like the most appealing exercise, but it could really pay off for your wallet.

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Young woman comes up behind her partner to give him a kiss as he works on his laptop

How to create a will in 7 easy steps

Most people should have a will, but many people avoid making one. Here are easy steps to help you accomplish this important task.

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A little girl snuggles with her dog

How to find the right 529 college savings plan for your kids

Pro tips for differentiating between the many 529 savings plans that are available to families who want to proactively save for their children’s education.

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A young couple celebrate over glasses of wine in an orchard

The pay raise checklist

Great job! You’ve scored a raise at work. Take these steps to maximize your windfall and improve your financial situation.

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Review: Is Personal Capital right for your finances?

Personal Capital is a robo advisor that gives clients access to human financial professionals, a perk that could help investors lower costs.

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How to use a bullet journal for finances

Why bullet journals may be the key to better budgeting

Bullet journals can be effective personal finance tools. Here, how to use a bullet journal for budgeting.

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What is a financial therapist?

How your childhood can shape financial decisions as an adult

Financial therapy studies your past and current money patterns to improve your life. A financial therapist explains how financial therapy can help you.

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Middle-aged, retired couple sitting together laughing outside on a dock over a lake

The no-stress way to borrow and lend money to your family

Borrowing and lending between relatives can be unexpectedly emotional. Here are some tips for setting healthy boundaries and implementing damage control.

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