What is the yield curve and what does it mean?

What is the yield curve and what does it mean?

The yield curve shows the difference in yields between shorter-term debt compared to longer-term debt of similar quality. Here’s why it matters.

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An all-female business team brainstorms in a refreshing wood and plant decorated office

7 things small-business owners can do for a better succession plan

A small business can fail if an owner doesn’t have a succession plan. Do these 7 things in place to prepare your small business for the future.

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Smiling businesswoman looks up from her tablet for a second as her coworkers look on

How to turn your side hustle into a full-time job

Know when you have a good idea, get ready to spend a lot of time on your business and see how big your side hustle can grow. Here are 4 key questions to ask yourself.

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Cute young couple toast with champagne on the steps of their new home

Top 5 questions to ask when buying a home

Purchasing real estate – whether you’re a first-time home buyer, a seasoned regular or an investor – is a big deal. Ask these key questions.

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Dad lifts baby up into air as mom watches, sipping coffee

When should you update your will?

Not revising your will can put a strain on your loved ones if you unexpectedly pass away. These are the critical times your will needs an update.

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A pretty twenty-something redhead girl at the beach.

4 tips for making the most of your Memorial Day travel plans

Four actionable tips that anyone can use to keep holiday weekend travel costs as low as possible.

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A husband, wife, and their teenage daughter lean over the side of a boat on a sunny day

5 habits that will make you rich

These habits helped Paula Pant, founder of AffordAnything, and attorney Kevin Ha, founder of Financial Panther, achieve their financial goals. Find out how.

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Parents walk their toddlers on a boulevard in a big city

Should you buy a duplex?

Save on mortgage costs by renting out part of your home. Two experts on house hacking, Chad Carson and Craig Curelop from BiggerPockets, explain how to do it.

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Wealthfront Review

Review: Is Wealthfront a good robo-advisor for your financial needs?

Wealthfront is a robo-advisor that can offer affordable professional investment management. Understand the pros and cons. Our writer shared her experience using the service.

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Trendy young couple shop on their laptop together

Average credit card rates and why they matter

If you know average credit card rates, you might be able to shop for a card that costs less so that you can save money on a balance you carry.

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