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2022: A View From Above

Each year, Haven Life puts together an Annual Report that celebrates our community and everything we’ve accomplished the past 12 months. For some of us, 2022 was an opportunity to break free from our homes and explore destinations both near and far. For others, it was a chance to examine our spending habits, journey into self-discovery or even traverse into new chapters and challenges in life.

We invite you to explore 2022 with a renewed sense of relief, whimsy and lightness.

2022 Haven Life Annual Report

“Watching our daughter grow up — so many changes happen in the first year!” landscape hot air balloons Dad Kid and Dino

2022 felt to many like a return to positivity. Here are just a few personal high points that you shared with us:

Growing an excellent garden and enjoying its bounty.

Traveling solo without a phone.

Finishing treatment for breast cancer!

Being able to see my favorite musicians play LIVE.

I became a certified grief coach and educator.

Started a better job and got to spend more time with my family.

Celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary.

I finally quit coffee and caffeine.

I got pregnant with my first child in July!

Hiking 11,900 feet at Rainbow Mountain in Peru.

Announcing my retirement after a satisfying career.

Getting to enjoy our new log cabin.

We finally potty-trained our toddler.

hugging couple hill terrain
paper airplane plant “Took my first plane ride.” “25 years clean and sober.”

Nearly 50% of you celebrated a milestone:

Adopted my daughter.

Bought my first house.

I became a grandpa!

I lost 82 lbs and got healthier.

Moved my mom here from the Philippines.

I saved enough to retire.

Became a citizen.

Got a dog!

Finished nursing school.


While many of you explored new chapters:

Began teaching at a community college.


Started a new job and began practicing yoga.

I learned how to grieve the loss of a loved one.

Got back into coaching football.

I finally met my biological father.

“I became a duck owner! I now have 14 ducks on my farm!” “I got into dirt biking!”
7% of you joined ‘The Great Resignation’ and quit your jobs. That’s almost three times the national average!
mountain range duck bike

37% of you traveled for the first time since COVID-19 and explored new places near and far:

floating balloons Ghana Vermont Italy Ecuador Jersey Shore Peru Ireland Alaska Hong Kong Panama The Adirondacks Disneyland Jamaica Times Square

And you explored new ways to spend your vacation time:

Enjoyed our timeshare condo and went trailer camping.

Spent it bonding with my husband and new baby.

I used every PTO day I had to go hiking!

Visited lots of theme parks and spent a lot of time with my family.

Spent time at home doing DIY home improvement projects.

Traveling and having some much-needed mental health chill time.

Lots of pickleball!

Spent it at the beach relaxing.

long grass tent dad son and bike

While half of you are still making time for the causes that matter to you:

Special Olympics • The Salvation Army • St. Jude’s Hospital • The Red Cross • United Way • Make a Wish Foundation • UNICEF • ACLU • Operation Smile • Save the Children • The Girl Scouts of America • ASPCA • Wounded Warriors

Souls Grown Deep Foundation • Cancer Connection • Local community centers • Youth sports • World Wildlife Fund • Veterans organizations • Kossuth County Cancer Fund • Equal Justice Initiative • Southern Poverty Law Center • Feeding the homeless • My local animal rescue • Literacy projects • A local food bank • Anti-human-trafficking • I led a volunteering event at work • The Boy Scouts of America • Rescued homeless and injured animals • Breast Cancer awareness • Mental Health awareness • AML Pediatric Cancer Center • NPR • Environmental causes • Disabled American Veterans • DC Central Kitchen • An annual back-to-school backpack drive • Winter coat drive • Safe Haven to end domestic violence • An organization against gun violence • Women’s shelters

wood texture woman on couch kid drawing

Almost everyone found ways to stretch their dollar:

I planned out our dinners and stuck to them!

Cut out unnecessary subscriptions that were adding up.

I stopped going to the nail salon so frequently — saved a fortune!

I started container gardens with my son & nephew.

Only bought items I needed on sale.

Moved to a more affordable apartment.

I became more mindful of water and power usage.

I made all of my husband’s lunches so he doesn’t have to buy anything on-site.

Spent more time in nature. It’s free! (Well, mostly.)

My youngest graduated college and is off of our “payroll”!

landscape woman with lawn mower

And you are taking steps to take care of yourself and make yourself a priority.

I went to lots of therapy!

We converted the extra bedroom in the basement to a home gym.

I learned how to draw better boundaries.

My wife helped me start taking better care of my skin.

I’ve been working on speaking up when I need to.

I actually got a massage. Once. But it was a start!

I now only drink good wine!

Got my daily 10,000 steps in.

snowy hill snowy tree running lady

You continue to surprise yourself:

I learned that I’m OK as a single mom.

How easy life can be with a full night’s sleep.

I won a poker tournament!

Realizing that not being “busy” is just fine.

Can’t believe that I got married (lol!).

I can keep going (even when I just want to crawl into a hole.)

I was able to pay all of my debt OFF!

Somehow, I actually enjoyed camping.

mountain cloud

And an overwhelming amount of you embarked on a journey of self-exploration that led to some great personal revelations:

I can handle more than I ever thought.

I learned that I’m my own advocate for success.

That I don’t have to do everything.

The small things really are the big things to me.

Bet on yourself.

I need to ask for help more.

Living in the moment makes a big difference.

I am okay even when things are not perfect.

I’m not as old as I think I am.

I’m worth it.

Opening up isn’t a bad thing.

pregnant woman

2022 Was a Great Year!

And many of you have your sights set firmly on the future. Here are just a few things you’re looking forward to in the new year:

Attempting my first triathlon.

Welcoming my son into the world.

Writing a book!

Moving on with my life post-divorce.

Starting a monthly game night with some friends.

Finally graduating from college!


Downsizing more.

Honing my woodworking skills.

Building a healthier marriage.

Making new friends in my new town.

Thanks for exploring 2022 with us. Here’s to an awesome 2023! – Your Haven Life Team
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