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When do you need to get life insurance?

Confessions of a Life Insurance Startup: Who Owns a Policy?

At Haven Life, our team tries to walk the talk. We invest with roboadvisers. We believe Venmo truly has made splitting bills a lot easier. We use every car service app available in New York City. And, we buy life insurance when we need it.

That being said, on our team of about 20 people, not all of us have life insurance.

But, for those of us who don’t own a policy, we have a good rationale and understanding of why we haven’t taken the plunge yet. For those who do have a life insurance policy, I’d argue we have even better stories to tell.

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Now might be the best time for millennials to buy life insurance

If you want to know the future of the economy, just ask a Millennial.

This generation, born in the 1980s and 1990s, has transformed the expectation of how and why we buy certain products. With a preference for digital services, Millennials have influenced the business models of many companies – new and old, which are adjusting to accommodate the preferences of this generation.

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Buying term life insurance in your 30s

You know what they say about your 30s…

It’s the best time to buy life insurance.

Okay, so maybe they don’t actually say that, but the point still stands: Life insurance in your 30s is often one of the most practical, impactful and affordable times to buy a policy.

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do millennials need life insurnace

Do you really need life insurance in your 20s?

Your twenties are a period of time where it feels like your life goes from zero to 60. It’s not just about you anymore. It becomes increasingly about the people you love and who rely on you to be around to share a life and, yes, financial responsibilities with.

And when you have people who rely on your income to pay the bills, it’s time to ask yourself an important question: Do you need to buy life insurance?

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“The Finances of Being Female” Panel Discussion

With the rise in popularity of personal finance blogs and sites, women have more educational resources available to them than ever before. And many of these sites know that women need personalized financial advice that speaks to their individual needs – not just blanket rules for becoming a millionaire in a male-dominated world.

Queue our first Facebook Live and an honest discussion with the women who aim to help others make better financial decisions.

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Three Questions

I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside numerous smart, interesting people from diverse backgrounds in my time at Haven Life. Mark Sayre’s take on life insurance in the LBGT community and Greg Johnson’s thoughts on planning for your own funeral, are among my favorite points of views we’ve shared on the blog.

Working for a life insurance company forces you to consider mortality and take stock of life in a way that can be unexpected. It’s made me curious about how different people view big questions in life, such as aging and life decisions. Instead of wondering, I went ahead and asked some of our friends.

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how do you get your life insurance death benefit

Life Insurance Claim Examiners: Proving That Not All Heroes Wear Capes

I’ve always loved that saying, “Not all heroes wear capes.” It’s usually accompanied by pictures of pizza deliverymen, the people who work at Chick-fil-A, or various other ways of saying we love people that make life better (or in the case of my examples, more delicious).

Going into an interview with Jeff Butcher, Senior Claims Examiner at MassMutual, I didn’t realize I’d be so touched by the role of a claims examiner. To be honest, when I really thought about it, I thought it must be a pretty depressing job. A claims examiner is the person who handles the payout of a life insurance policy. They deal with death and loss every day.

You’ll soon see Jeff doesn’t view his role that way.

The reason I spoke with Jeff is because MassMutual issues the Haven Term policy and, thus, is responsible for paying death benefits. (That’s a good thing for our customers because when you buy life insurance, you want to know the policy is from a company that has a long history of financial strength and timely payment of claims.

We get a lot of questions from our customers and applicants about how the claims process works. Luckily, we have access to claim examiners like Jeff.

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prepping for a new bank

Switching Banks: What I Wish I Knew

I recently embarked on a significant life change and moved from the Big Apple to the Big Easy. Everyone who has moved knows what a pain it is, and I’d argue that stress (both mental and financial) is significantly heightened if you’re moving into or out of a major city.

For the most part, my move was pretty easy. Shout out to the app Shyp for making a move from New York City to New Orleans very affordable. Instead of holding tight to my large valuables like my tufted headboard (my first big girl purchase) or my TV, I made the decision to sell these things and just ship my clothing and other small valuables, and make use of Southwest’s two free bags. I have to say, I was patting myself on the back for being so fiscally smart with my move… or so I thought.

Fast forward two wonderful weeks in New Orleans, and I realized I needed to grab some cash to take the bus home from work. To my dismay, it was then that I found out that my beloved bank of seven years, Wells Fargo, was nowhere to be found. The closest location was in Mississippi.

Me: Not a big deal, right? There are plenty of banks in New Orleans and the online world makes everything easier!!

The universe: Wrong. Changing banks is actually not very easy.

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best tv shows in 2015

Four Shows That Capture the Modern Family (Beyond Modern Family)

“Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life,” wrote Oscar Wilde, but we think some of the greatest art — or at least TV — shines in executing the latter. Shows dating back farther than The Honeymooners were built on the idea that our everyday lives — our marriages, our kids, our jobs — hearten us and make us laugh, and the continued success of quintessential shows like Modern Family have proven that belief still rings true.

With hundreds of channels and dozens of platforms for watching TV, there’s only more opportunity to laugh at the everyday comedy of life, and to cry at its challenging realities. Things aren’t perfect, but there’s plenty of love, respect, and fun to go around. They rarely disappoint and they almost always comfort. So pop the popcorn, kick back, and enjoy these four shows that truly capture the modern family.

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what you should know when buying a home

Financial Lessons Learned From Buying Your First Home

Lauren Bowling from LBee and The Money Tree shares what she’s learned (both good and bad) from buying and owning her first home.

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