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How Trust & Will makes creating a legal will less hard

Trust & Will offers an online solution for creating a legal will that’s streamlined, intuitive and quite pleasant.

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best states to retire in

The best states for an early retirement

Dreaming of retiring early? Researchers looked into cost of living, health care, weather, recreation, and more to find the top states for retirement.

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What is medical underwriting and why does it matter?

What is medical underwriting and why does it matter?

Medical underwriting is the process insurance providers use to assess an applicant’s health. Understand the process to seek the best possible coverage for the lowest possible price.

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The most millennial spending habits

New research shows how millennials spend money differently from older generations. See where their financial priorities differ.

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where do millennials live

Where millennials are (and are not) buying homes

Researchers at Haven Life looked at where millennials are (and are not) buying homes. While most millennials can’t afford to buy in coastal cities, many are buying in the Midwest.

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states with the most stay at home moms

Cities with the most (and fewest) stay-at-home parents

Although stay-at-home parenting is on the rise nationally, the proportion of households with a stay-at-home parent varies significantly by location.

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The 2018 financial checklist for new parents

Discover essential financial moves that new parents should check off when welcoming a new baby.

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Looking for a home? How buying compares to renting in these top cities

Families are increasingly faced with the question of whether they should rent or buy. Here’s how the price-to-rent ratio can help determine if it’s worth it.

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Using life insurance to protect against your mortgage

Owning a home means having a little piece of the world where your family can grow – a place your children can return to after first days of kindergarten, first dates, and first years at college.

Your home is also a cornerstone of your family’s financial future because it’s a substantial asset that’s likely to grow. But even the best-made plans are not certain, so homeowners need a way to protect their mortgage from falling to their partner or a co-signer if they were no longer around.

Term life insurance offers an affordable way to protect your family’s ability to pay the mortgage, and, ultimately, to stay in their safe haven. And, if you’re a young, healthy new homeowner, you have access to some of the best term life rates out there.

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When do you need to get life insurance?

Confessions of a Life Insurance Startup: Who Owns a Policy?

At Haven Life, our team tries to walk the talk. We invest with roboadvisers. We believe Venmo truly has made splitting bills a lot easier. We use every car service app available in New York City. And, we buy life insurance when we need it.

That being said, on our team of about 20 people, not all of us have life insurance.

But, for those of us who don’t own a policy, we have a good rationale and understanding of why we haven’t taken the plunge yet. For those who do have a life insurance policy, I’d argue we have even better stories to tell.

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