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father kisses his new baby

Eight tax tips for when you have a baby

Having a baby is an exciting, busy, and yes, expensive time of life. Fortunately, your new bundle of joy comes with a few tax perks to balance out the sleepless nights and countless diaper changes.

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a young woman sits on bed working on her laptop with a guitar nearby

Smart tax tips for freelancers and gig workers

Tax tips for freelancers and gig workers that can make filing your taxes less difficult and keep more money in your pockets each season.

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Young woman working on laptop while lying on her bed

Ten year-end tax planning tips for 2018

Most of us don’t want to pay any more in taxes than we have to. Here are a few strategies to consider that might help you maximize your after-tax wealth.

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Eight new tax laws that are worth understanding

Taxes are complicated. And, just when you think you have a firm grasp on how to maximize your financial situation… a new administration takes over. Here are eight new tax laws that are worth understanding.

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how should you spend your tax refund

15 ways to spend your tax refund

If you are among the lucky ones to receive a substantial tax refund, what should you do with the money? Here are some ideas.

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