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talking about credit score with your spouse

The Credit Score Mambo – Part 2

Credit scores are with you for life no matter your relationship status. There’s no merging of credit scores after marriage like you may do with a bank account. But, your partner’s money habits can still have an impact on your score; and divorce has a nasty habit of bringing a once powerful score to ruins.

This doesn’t have to be the case though, which is why it’s important to always have open communication with your loved one about money as well as continue to build and maintain your credit score no matter your relationship status.

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what's my credit score?

The Credit Score Mambo – Part 1

Credit scores get all the buzz. You want to know what your score is, who looks at it, how to improve or maintain it, and how a low score can impact your financial life or even career. The credit score and its almighty but less popular big brother, the credit report, are how lenders, landlords and even employers can make judgements about your ability to pay back borrowed funds, make on-time payments and even if you’re responsible. Think of these two like your college GPA and transcript for the real world – which is why it’s important you know exactly how to decode what they mean, how to make improvements and how you stack up.

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