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Seven Financial Wins to Grab at Work

What would you prefer more of: cash or Facebook memes? If it’s the former, I have good news for you. In the amount of time you spend tweeting and sharing and insta’ing during your work break, you could be pumping up your wealth instead! (And by “work break,” I mean anytime between 9-5 when you’re “working.”)

We all need a brain break from the office at times. Instead of spending it aimless scrolling through social media or online shopping, rock your wallet in 30 minutes or less by accomplishing these seven financial wins (and then get back to work!)

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what happens to your money when you die

After You Die: I Love You, and Here’s the Money

“Honey, if I die tomorrow tell my kids I love them, okay? Oh, and you too!”

This is the gem I whisper to my beautiful wife almost every other day in case, God forbid, my time runs out on this great planet. She hates it every time because it freaks her out (rightfully so), but personally, I sleep better knowing she and my kids will always know how loved they are.

The fact is, death is going to happen to us all, and we can’t control when. What we can control is how easily our loved ones can pick up the pieces after we’re gone. That’s why I’m prepared.

You know what else feels great to know? That my wife and kids will be taken care of financially should my demise come sooner than hoped.

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