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a gay couple sit together, laughing

What same-sex couples should know about growing their families

Gay couples face certain unique challenges when it comes to family planning, in addition to the many costs that any parents face when they need reproductive help.

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Life insurance beneficiary in the LGBTQ community

Designating a life insurance beneficiary for the LGBTQ community

Do you want to create a lasting legacy for your LGBT community? Here are 6 smart beneficiary designations that will keep your memory alive while helping further the rights of our community.

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financial checklist in your 40s

Financials Moves Gen-Xers Should Be Making Now

Hey, Gen-Xer. Feel like no one’s paying attention to you?

If you think it’s all about Baby Boomers and Millennials, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2014, Gen-Xers are indeed the neglected middle child.

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wedding budget

Keep Your Non-Traditional Wedding Non-Traditional

As love is in the air, thanks to Saint Valentine, it’s a good time to think about same-sex weddings and the pressures to stick to traditional wedding norms.

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where to shop on black friday

10 Ways to Prepare for the Coming Holiday Spending Binge

The month between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is a time filled with expiration dates. Both for budgets and diets.

The holidays, as merry as they are, come with expensive expectations like large, festive dinners and gift buying (are we really sure it’s better to give than receive…) that can drain a bank account quickly.

So, how does one prepare at the last-minute for the coming holiday spending spree? Well, there’s a hack (or ten) for that.

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cost of adopting

Why We Chose to Not Have Kids

With the legalization of same-sex marriage, queer couples are getting married as fast as they can say “I do.” And many of us are now considering if The Stork should follow Cupid into our newly minted marriages.

On one hand, it’s helpful that children are never a surprise to same-sex couples. On the other, it makes having children expensive. And add to that the fact that no matter how much money a couple spends, having children is never a guarantee.

It’s for this reason that it’s important to include both the heart and the mind in family making decisions.

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life insurance for gay couples

Why Queer People Need Life Insurance

When I was young, single and fit as a fiddle I applied for life insurance through my employer. Similar to this article, by all accounts I didn’t need life insurance. I wanted life insurance to leave a legacy, as my plans of being a pop diva never fully materialized and, to this day, no one is willing to put my mug on their tee when I die.

I have three nieces. I thought if I pass away, I had nothing to leave to them or other family or friends. Other than memories – and memories with me are fun – there would be nothing left of me. Poof! An inheritance to my nieces to help pay for college, their first home or to travel the world (my preference) would be a great legacy, I thought.

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