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how to talk to your friends and family about death

What You Should Really Be Talking to Your Friends and Family About

We all like real talk. We’ll gossip about people we know. We’ll judge parenting choices. We’ll be sure to let you know what we think about Donald Trump. We’ll even talk about things that happen behind bedroom doors.

But, when it comes to financial real talk and divulging the details of our family’s planning habits? We’re not having any of that.

You know what people hate even more at dinner parties? Talking about death. No one wants to talk about the inevitable. We’d prefer to just ignore death even though the end is going to come for all of us. Just imagine you’re sitting at a dinner table with friends. You’re all enjoying a great meal out. The kids are home, so the conversation (and the wine) is flowing. There’s a lull in the conversation between gossip about the new baseball coach and talk of your kids.

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