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A couple snuggles on the couch at home while their westie dog tries to get in on the attention

Should you spend money where you spend most of your time?

Spending your money on smart purchases to improve your life can have long-lasting benefits. Use these three steps to see if you’re on the right track.

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5 ways to end the month with extra money

Saving more cash at the end of each month is easier than you think with these practical tips.

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How do you know if you need to update your life insurance policy?

Getting married, buying a home, having a baby and starting a new business are all good times to update your life insurance policy.

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Why tax season can be a perfect time to buy life insurance

A refund check is a great excuse to take some of the cash and buy life insurance to protect your loved ones.

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Bride and groom kiss as bride holds out the bouquet

Why life insurance is more important when you remarry

Life insurance can provide a much-needed safety net to protect both partners and your combined assets once you remarry. Here’s why.

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A young entrepreneur works from home on her laptop

How to create a budget (and why it doesn’t have to be painful)

A financial planner shares real-world tips for creating a budget that frees up your money for the things that are most important to you. Start now.

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Financial checklist for when your spouse dies

Dealing with the death of a spouse is not easy. Here are tips for staying financially organized during your time of loss.

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Young businessman works on his computer at home

Boost your interest rate with a high-yield savings account

Most high-yield savings accounts are online, with no physical presence. Many offer an APY that may be significantly higher than what you can earn at a traditional bank.

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A young couple celebrate over glasses of wine in an orchard

The pay raise checklist

Great job! You’ve scored a raise at work. Take these steps to maximize your windfall and improve your financial situation.

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Middle-aged, retired couple sitting together laughing outside on a dock over a lake

The no-stress way to borrow and lend money to your family

Borrowing and lending between relatives can be unexpectedly emotional. Here are some tips for setting healthy boundaries and implementing damage control.

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