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Two young ladies laugh over something on their phone while they have coffee in a cute shop

Should you be a home-sharing host?

There are some obvious advantages to home-share hosting (like money), but what should you know before you begin?

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Mom and baby play on the beach, mother swooping the child upside-down

4 ways to beat the average cost of a family vacation

These strategies for saving money on family vacation costs could help you go farther, stay longer or make your trip more memorable in other ways.

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A young entrepreneur works from home on her laptop

How to create a budget (and why it doesn’t have to be painful)

A financial planner shares real-world tips for creating a budget that frees up your money for the things that are most important to you. Start now.

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A young daycare worker plays with two happy children

How to get your kids into a great daycare

Long before college applications are due and before you shop private schools, you’ll probably want to get your child into a daycare your family loves. Learn from a dad who’s been through the process.

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Lessons from Martin Luther King Jr

5 life lessons we should all remember from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. would have been 90 years old this month. Here’s what one of America’s greatest civil rights leaders taught the world.

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What is a financial therapist?

How your childhood can shape financial decisions as an adult

Financial therapy studies your past and current money patterns to improve your life. A financial therapist explains how financial therapy can help you.

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A busy kitchen counter with chopped tomatoes on a cutting board

5 diets that won’t make your nutritionist cringe

These diets are healthy, nutritious, and can help anyone lose weight and keep it off.

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Two little girls jump in the bathtub to give their dog a bath

35 ways we made life less hard in 2018

If we had to point to one thing last year that helped make your life less hard… it would be these 35.

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End of year charitable giving

Your guide to end-of-year charitable giving

Nearly one-third of charitable giving happens in December. Learn how to create a charitable giving strategy, use a donor-advised fund for tax savings and vet charities with free online tools.

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Two young ladies laugh over a cup of coffee in the office

Seven ways to refresh your career in 2019

If you’re refreshing your diet, finances and exercise routine, don’t forget your career.

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