Life Hacks

How to help your kid with homework without losing your mind

When I first started teaching, I had to learn completely new ways of doing almost everything I learned in elementary school. Second-grade addition and subtraction problems started to stump me.

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Questions to ask your parents before they die

How to talk end-of-life wishes with your parents

Having a thoughtful end-of-life discussion with your parents is an opportunity to reach a new level of caring and understanding.

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12 staples you need in your kitchen

12 ingredients all families should have on hand

A home-cooked family meal that’s affordable, filling, and fast? It’s possible if you have these staple ingredients on hand.

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How playdates can be fun for parents, too

Even when your playdate doesn’t have a “happily ever after”, they can still provide valuable intel about neighborhood activities, schools, and the opportunity to swap parenting tips (or hilarious brunch anecdotes).

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How do you teach your children compassion?

There are plenty of skills parents can encourage to exercise their child’s ability to show empathy and kindness in a variety of situations. Here, how to help model compassion for preschool kids and older, so it becomes a regular part of their lives.

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How to make friends as a parent

How do you maintain friendships as an adult with kids?

Our writer’s insight into how to make new parent friends, and to keep up with old friendships, even after you have a baby.

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Affordable summer vacation hacks for families with kids

Four last-minute hacks for the perfect affordable family vacation

It’s not too late to plan an affordable and super fun trip with your kids this summer. Take a little inspiration from our favorite family vacation hacks!

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What I learned when shopping for homeowners insurance

Homeowners insurance options can be confusing. Before you shop, understand what’s covered and what isn’t. Learn what you need to know to buy the right homeowner’s insurance policy.

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Should you actually buy travel insurance?

What is travel insurance? Why is it suddenly so popular? And more importantly, should you actually buy it?

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Best ways to work from home

6 ways to work from home more effectively

While working from home may seem like a dream, in actuality, it can be tough to stay on track. Here, work from home habits to make you more productive than ever.

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