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a logo for lifesite demonstrates secure folders you can access from any device

How LifeSite makes securing your documents online simple and safe

It’s the 21st-century. Nobody should still be storing their important family documents in a file cabinet or messy folder.

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Person sitting in front of computer, writing in notebook

Why you should write your own obituary (and how you should do it)

Back in the day, I wrote obituaries at a daily newspaper in the Midwest. I loved it — it was a chance to tell someone’s story in full. Yes, the impetus was a sad one. (The deceased was deceased, after all.) But it was often a chance to tell the tale of someone’s heroic achievements…

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Young woman packing items away in a cardboard box

What is Swedish death cleaning and what can it teach us?

Swedish death cleaning sounds morbid, but the practice can make you happier and more in tune with your life.

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Why a teal pumpkin means the world to some families

Halloween can be a tough holiday for any family coping with allergies. A teal pumpkin on your stoop says your treats are allergen-free.

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Lovely young couple using their credit card to shop online

How can I get a perfect credit score?

You don’t need a perfect credit score to get the best terms on credit. But if you’re a perfectionist who really wants to reach the pinnacle, here are some steps to help you get there.

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Dad And Daughter Laughing In Car Together

Eight ways to get the best price on auto insurance

A little research and taking the time to ask the right questions can save you a bundle on auto insurance. Here are 8 tips to get the best price.

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Two friends laughing and having fun.

How to talk to your friends about money

They say friendship and money don’t mix, but that’s because they’re having the wrong conversations.

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Freelance mother talking on phone with baby in arms.

How much does it cost to be a single parent?

Whether you’re considering becoming a single mother by choice or wondering how much it costs to be a single parent, here are some financial factors to consider.

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businesswoman working on laptop

How to organize your digital assets

Your life and your money are online, but your passwords are still in your head – in an emergency, that may be a problem. Here’s how to solve it.

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baby, little boy, and father sitting together

How to store your most important documents

A complete guide to storing your family’s important documents so they’re safe, secure and accessible in case of an emergency.

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