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Where do we even start?

Every year Haven Life puts together an Annual Report to celebrate our customers and everything they’ve accomplished over the past 12 months.

But 2020 was different.

So for this year’s Annual Report we…didn’t really create an Annual Report at all. Instead, we made a cookbook. And filled it with recipes from our policyholders. Think of this as a way to break bread with one another (something we literally couldn’t do in 2020) and an opportunity to share some joy, inspiration and deliciousness in the new year.


The 2020
Haven Life Family

“This has been a difficult year for so many people around the world. To cope, I’ve relied on familiar comforts such as cooking, my pets, and really connecting heart to heart with loved ones I cannot physically be with.”

– JC, Haven Term Policyholder since June, 2018

Recipe 1

Japanese Milk Bread

From the kitchen of:


Part of the Haven Life family since March, 2019

Becky’s story:

“When the pandemic hit, my stress levels skyrocketed. I used cooking and baking to help ease my mind. I found new recipes (like this Japanese Milk Bread) to try and revisited old recipes that I hadn’t made in a long time.

All the while, I had been tossing around the idea of starting my own food-related business for quite some time but was always scared to do it. With the support of my friends and family, I took a leap and launched Becky the Bakester in September of 2020 and have been loving every minute since.

Well, maybe not all of the dishes I have to clean on a daily basis.”

Get the recipe

Like Becky, 25% of you achieved a dream in 2020

“I got to watch the Lakers AND the Dodgers win championships!”

“I launched a non-profit organization to help build up the community”

“I lost 70 pounds”

“We paid off my fiance’s private student loan”

“My dental hygienist finally told me that I’m flossing well!”

“I coached my son’s 14U baseball team to a championship”

“I graduated law school and became a father for the first time. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, my wife got pregnant with baby #2”

Recipe 2


From the kitchen of:


Part of the Haven Life family since November, 2017

Peter’s story:

“My long-time friend made this soup for my family when we visited him in Spain two years ago. It was an OK soup — it didn’t blow me away — but what made it so special and memorable were the conversations, fun stories and laughter we shared that evening. And so ever since then, salmorejo kept coming up in our conversations and WhatsApp messages.

Have you ever seen that episode of Friends where they come back from London and erupt in cheers every time someone yells “Boddingtons”? Well, salmorejo became our Boddingtons.

Each spoonful brings warmth to my heart and a smile to my face. It makes me feel like we’re not that far apart and gives me hope that we may see each other again soon.”

Like Peter, 72.47% of you were unable to see friends and loved ones in 2020

To all the grandmas, great grandmas, nanas, grandpas, pops, grandkids, dads, moms, god moms, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, sister in-laws, best friends (especially Mary and Alicia and Ashia and Rebecca and Olive and Erica and Stephen and Serena and Jocelyn from Topanga) college friends, church friends, old friends, work friends, in-laws in Romania or Cuba or New York or North Carolina or anywhere, for that matter, and nephews, nieces, and Susan (keep kicking breast cancer’s ass) and cousins, uncles, aunts (hi, Nancy!), great-aunts who live only, like, 30 miles away but are in their 90s and exes and Djamilla, the world’s best Trader Joe’s employee

…this hug is for you.

Recipe 3

Vegan Spaghetti Squash Marinara

From the kitchen of:


Part of the Haven Life family since August, 2019

Dorothy’s story:

“2020 has been a year. My family decided to do a vegan challenge to break our bad snacking habit that we’ve developed since being quarantined. My kids were skeptical and did the challenge begrudgingly. However they loved this dish and even though the challenge is over they still request it regularly!”

Get the recipe

49.70% of policyholders changed for the better in 2020. We assume the other 50.30% are just being modest.

82.53% of policyholders gained a greater appreciation for what they have

56.02% focused more on their mental health

48.49% learned a new skill

45.39% donated to a local charity

36.75% made a new friend during quarantine

14.75% got really good at changing diapers

64.16% supported small businesses

Recipe 4

Korean Braised Short Ribs

From the kitchen of:


Part of the Haven Life family since May, 2019

Luke’s story:

“Both my husband and I love Korean food especially on a cold day. This short rib braise is like a hug in a bowl that will be loved by everyone you make it for. It takes some time to make but most of it is just simmering on the stove. You can do something else while it does that. It’s inspired by the Korean braised short ribs we get at the Korean restaurant but adapted to be easy and comforting to make at home.”

84.21% of policyholders would choose to see the glass as half full

We know. It’s been a year. But even during challenging times, you all have a lot to be proud of. In 2020, Haven Term policyholders:

Finished radiation and continue to fight cancer

Came out to their friends and family

Gave birth after years of trying

Nursed dozens of COVID-19 patients back to health

Stood up in support for people who are different from them

Homeschooled their kids


Rented a jackhammer (shoutout to that one guy)

Recipe 5

Almond Berry Layer Cake

From the kitchen of:


Part of the Haven Life family since August, 2020

Elizabeth’s story:

“My kids are both very social and athletic, so missing out on sports and not seeing friends regularly in 2020 was really hard on them. But they stuck together. My son (he’s in third grade) taught my daughter (she’s in kindergarten) how to read. He’s never been a very patient kid, but when he’s reading to her and helping her sound out words, he’s more patient than I’ve ever seen. I really watched him grow up in a great way this year.”

Just like Elizabeth,
61.46% of policyholders said their families were the MVP of 2020

Also receiving votes:

Coworkers, therapists, teachers, frontline healthcare workers,
Dr. Anthony Fauci, our pets, Netflix, Charmin, Clorox
…and Tom Brady

Because sometimes you just need one

Recipe 6

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Milkshake

From the kitchen of:


Part of the Haven Life family since August 2019

Blend four scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, pb2 powder and vanilla almond milk. Top it off with a quick blend of chocolate chips for extra crunch!

Recipe 7

Quick & Easy Palomas

From the kitchen of:


Part of the Haven Life family since September, 2017

Mix tequila, lime juice and grapefruit soda in a glass. It’s easy. That’s the point.

Because sometimes you just need one of these, too

63.65% of Haven Term policyholders are anti-virtual happy hours

(guess there’s no substitute for the real thing)

And on a perhaps related note, 41.46% of you had an embarrassing video-conference moment in 2020:

“My husband walked in during a virtual school session and dropped an F-bomb”

“I mistakenly checked my bank account balances while screen sharing”

“My dog knocked my laptop off my desk and everyone saw the mound of clean underwear I was folding on the floor”

“My toddler came into the room during a video call to announce he had just gone poop in the potty”

Recipe 8

“Belinda” Bread

From the kitchen of:


Part of the Haven Life family since May, 2019

Sara’s story:

“New pastimes and pleasures emerged in place of soccer practices for the kids, dinner party prep, birthday parties, yoga classes, trips out of town… They happened because not much else was happening. So I used the opportunity to rewire my life to make room for things that provided a respite from the chaotic “what’s next” feeling that was common in 2020.”

In 2020, Sara brought home a new pet (hi, Sam!).
As did another 15.48% of policyholders.

Welcome to the Haven Life family, everyone

The dogs:
Fred, Sadie, Outlaw Henry Plummer, Trixie, Oona Luna Lovegood, Allie, Dan, Ophelia, Shuri, BB, Iris, Nope, Cash, J, Tank, Copper, Ainsley Hayes Barklett Smith, Dovie, Mickey, Elsie, Lulu, Finnick and Ruby

The cats:
Hamilton, Willa, Donut & Churro, Charley & Tinkerbell, Ern, Taylor, Molly, Gary, Tobin, Leon and Merlin

The chickens:
Midnight, Prim and Proper

The rabbits:
Diesel and Buttercup

The guinea pigs:
Lemon and Peanut

… and a ferret named Odin and a hamster named Pretzels.

Here’s hoping 2021 has all the ingredients we need to make it the kind of year we all deserve

We see your plans. And we love them.

“In 2021 I’m going to cut myself some slack”

“I will take another step toward financial independence”

“I will make time for daily meditation”

“I’m going to get a f*** ton of Walmart brand milk chocolate chips”

“I will take better care of mother earth”

“I’m going to spend more time reading on my balcony”

“I’m going to take a spa day again!!!!!!”

“I will finish renovating my backyard”

“I’m going to support the local children’s museum”

“I’m going to run a 10k”

“I will earn my masters degree in accounting”

“I will take a day off to just sleep”

“I will not shy away from uncomfortable conversations that I can learn from”

“I will appreciate the happiness that is right here in front of me at home”

“I’m going to take the most epic Vegas trip ever”

“I’ll learn how to speak Korean”

“I will launch a non-profit”

“I’m going to dedicate time to helping the elderly”

“I will continue wearing a mask for as long as it takes”

“I will get myself an RV”

“Continue to show up for BLM”

“I’m going to learn music theory”

“I’m going to donate more to our local food pantry”

“I will never say no when I’m presented with a reasonable opportunity to make someone else’s life better”

“I will help establish a community center to equip refugees with life skill training”

“I’m going to take more family photos”

“I will volunteer at a local hospital to provide company to those that are alone in the ICU”

“I’m going to teach gardening”

“I will donate blood”

“I will publish my first album”

“I will train therapy pets for military veterans”

“I’m going to spoil my kids. They’ve earned it after this year.”

“I’m going to volunteer my expertise in software engineering to help people who need support getting into their career”

“I will help my parents get better with Zoom and FaceTime”

“I will continue to help feed the homeless”

“I will try to provide affordable or pro-bono legal services for those who need them”

“Give my wife the opportunity to rest more!”

“Become a foster mom”

“I’m going to pursue my dream of rebuilding coral reefs”

“I’m going to hike more than I did in 2020 – and, trust me, there was a lot of hiking done in 2020”

“I will never lose sight of what’s most important. Family.”

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