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Why having an end-of-life plan in your 30s makes sense

Having an end-of-life plan provides a way for you to protect your wealth, create a legacy, and to make sure there’s a back-up plan for the people you love.

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pros and cons of roboadvisor

A CFPs take on Robo Advisors – do they live up to the hype?

Fully automated online investment platforms are springing up quickly, appealing mainly to new and younger investors. Understand the pros and cons.

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Worth it or not: dental and vision plans for young kids

Vision insurance and dental insurance are commonly opt-in policies for young children. But, if you don’t have an employer-sponsored plan, at what age is it worth it?

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FSA or Tax Credit: which is best to save on childcare?

A child care tax credit can help you save on childcare expenses. So can putting money in an FSA account can help you save on childcare bills. But which is better?

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Financial tips for multigenerational living

As family structure and dynamics have shifted, cost of living has increased, and older adulthood has become more dynamic, with many grandparents working well into their seventies, multigenerational living is an attractive option.

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How much does it cost to go from two kids to three kids?

Can you afford another child? Ask yourself these questions

What does it cost to have another baby? Whether you’re going from one kid to two or planning for a third, ask yourselves these questions to figure out just how much another child may cost.

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how to pay for private school

How to budget for early childhood education

Private school isn’t code for “out of reach.” Here, things to know about financing private preschool or private elementary school.

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is a 529 plan worth it

Should I invest in a 529 plan for my child?

Is a 529 Plan the best option for saving toward your child’s education? CFP Mary Beth Storjohann weighs your options.

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caring for a special needs child

Financial planning for children with special needs

When raising a child with special needs, you may face unique financial challenges and decisions when planning your future. Here’s what to know.

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Should you tell your kids how much you make?

Often, when children ask blunt questions about wanting toys, seeing bigger homes, or being rich or poor, they’re dismissed as being “impolite” or told it’s “none of their business” instead of getting a truthful answer. This sets a lesson that money is a topic to be avoided or that it’s rude to seek out financial information that they’re curious about. One of the biggest financial lessons we can teach our children is how to budget responsibly and realistically. By the time a child is in their early teens, they should be more than capable of doing the basic math involved with household budgeting.

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