Child sits between parents on airplane, playing on smartphone

How to travel with kids during the holiday season

We spoke with Katie Dillon, the luxury travel writer behind the site La Jolla Mom, to get her tips for staying sane while traveling with your family during the holidays.

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A mom works on her laptop while her daughter sits next to her on the couch.

How to find work-life balance as a parent

Finding quality time with family as a working parent can be tough but it’s not impossible. How to squeeze in quality time on weekdays.

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online commerce woman using card to purchase online while at home in apartment

Top credit card options for parents

A credit card offering points and perks can be a valuable tool for budget-conscious families. Here, points expert Dan Miller suggests credit card options for families to consider.

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Young woman packing items away in a cardboard box

What is Swedish death cleaning and what can it teach us?

Swedish death cleaning sounds morbid, but the practice can make you happier and more in tune with your life.

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Family looking on phone together

Could a nanager be the answer to your household needs?

Perhaps you know the feeling. It’s the end of a long work week, and you’ve finally put the kids to bed. And what awaits? No, not a chance to binge-watch the latest Netflix comedy or, even better, get some quality time with your partner. Instead, you need to make sure that scheduled deposit went through,…

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Why a teal pumpkin means the world to some families

Halloween can be a tough holiday for any family coping with allergies. A teal pumpkin on your stoop says your treats are allergen-free.

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The most popular cities for families with young kids

Researchers at Haven Life identified the most popular cities for young families. Well-educated areas with high income and low unemployment are a top choice.

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Should you post your kids’ pictures on social media?

Should you share photos of your children online? Here, experts share the rules and best practices for sharing photos of your children on social media.

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is IVF worth it

How much does IVF cost?

IVF, or in vitro fertilization, can make people’s wishes of becoming parents come true. But how much does the treatment really cost?

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How much does a surrogate mother earn?

How much can a surrogate earn?

Couples struggling with infertility sometimes turn to a surrogate. We talked to one professional surrogate to explore the potential costs involved.

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