Parent Brain: How to prepare your child for the world when you have no idea what that world will be like

Growing up is far from easy, and you have a long road ahead of you, but it is my job (as your parent) to set you up for success (however one defines that word) when you become an adult. Based on what I know of the world, here is my advice.

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Do this during dinner tonight

Make the most of dinner with family and friends from now on.

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Should you tell your kids how much you make?

Often, when children ask blunt questions about wanting toys, seeing bigger homes, or being rich or poor, they’re dismissed as being “impolite” or told it’s “none of their business” instead of getting a truthful answer. This sets a lesson that money is a topic to be avoided or that it’s rude to seek out financial information that they’re curious about. One of the biggest financial lessons we can teach our children is how to budget responsibly and realistically. By the time a child is in their early teens, they should be more than capable of doing the basic math involved with household budgeting.

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Parent Brain: How to make sure your children appreciate everything

The first step in raising a child who appreciates everything? Accepting that your child will absolutely not appreciate everything.

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The financial responsibilities you’re forgetting to teach your children

As parents, it’s our job to protect, provide for, and educate our children. Whether it’s teaching them how to hold a pencil correctly, to respect their elders, to parallel park a car, or the ins and out of financial management, the onus is on us to send our children into the world well-rounded and prepared for what they’re about to encounter.

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Millennial Parents Are Dedicated to Raising Well-Rounded Kids At Any Cost

Millennials are – or are about to become – parents.

Actually, 9,000 per day if you’re keeping score at home.

So, how are we doing so far?

Good question.

Haven Life surveyed parents (with children ages 0-5) to find out what they are prioritizing when raising Generation Alpha.

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LifeLink app Haven Life

One for the home screen

Your mobile phone can do a lot of things. Reliably call 9-1-1, however, is not one of them. Today, I’d like to introduce you to LifeLink, our new free-to-all mobile app that enables your smartphone to accurately and instantly connect to emergency services – no matter where you are. Available now on iOS and Android…

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parenting with raquel dapice ugly volvo

Parent Brain: The notifications Snapfish really wants to send

Hi, it’s us here at Snapfish, and we are so thrilled you have decided to brighten our world with your tiny, beautiful bundle of joy, of whom you have taken 8,921 photos. Thank you for uploading them to our site!

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money lessons for kids

How to teach your kids about money

As someone who is experiencing the joys of sharing a living space with a toddler (and sharing my physical body with another tiny, growing human), I know first hand the exhaustion that we experience as parents. Of course, there’s the adventures, fun, cute memories and things they say, but at this stage in life, being routinely tired is a part of every day.

This exhaustion can make it easy to think that there are lessons we can skip over, push to a later date, or trust that our children will simply “pick up” on their own without our guidance. The topic this most often occurs with? Money.

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Everything you didn’t realize you need to budget for when you have kids

If you’ve made the commitment to start or grow your family, chances are you know the excitement, stress, joy, and fear that come along with the decision. These feelings are closely followed by an array of questions regarding your finances and how to raise a child in general, that never seem to disappear.

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