3 questions to answer before you bring your kid to the movies

How can you tell when is the right time for you to bring your own kids to the movies? To answer that, consider these questions.

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How to talk end-of-life wishes with your parents

Having a thoughtful end-of-life discussion with your parents is an opportunity to reach a new level of caring and understanding.

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How to budget for a child with special needs

An autism coach and an estate attorney explain ways parents can budget for the cost of care for children with special needs, and considerations when children become adults.

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How to raise financially savvy children

Father-and-daughter personal financial authors Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze, as well as Sam Dogen of Financial Samurai, explain how parents can teach their children about money — and what lessons are most important for kids to learn.

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A young bride smiles, leaning into her groom's shoulder with her bouquet in her hands

Where are millennials getting married?

As a generation, millennials are pushing back many big life decisions, including marriage. However, millennials in these cities are marrying at rates far above the national average.

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A mother dozes in bed, her baby looking out the window, tucked safely in the crook of her arm

The most sleep-deprived cities in America

Research suggests that a lack of sleep can have far-reaching health and financial consequences. We identified the U.S. cities whose residents get the least amount of sleep.

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Mother dozes off while holding her newborn infant to her chest

Do you need a baby night nurse?

Or a night nanny? Or a newborn care specialist? All these titles describe someone who takes care of your baby during the nighttime hours. Here’s what to know.

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A young mother balances her baby on her lap while she tries to get some work done on her computer

The best cities for working moms

Moms across the country face a delicate balancing act between their work and family life. Luckily, some cities make it far easier than others.

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Young parents and little girl blowing into straws and making colorful foam in glasses with soap bubbles liquid

How to get your kid into an elite preschool

Elite preschool, so-called Baby Ivies, only have a few spots. Here’s how your kid can navigate the admissions process.

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Kindergartener sits next to a window, coloring with colored pencils

High child care costs put strain on American families in every state

Can you afford child care in your state? Haven Life evaluated the cost of child care across the U.S. and how those costs compare to typical family incomes.

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