Our story is
about a father,
his family and
their future.

There are two things that happen when you become a parent. First, your thinking shifts from “me” to “we” as you try to provide for your growing family. Second, you realize that whatever free time you had before is basically gone.

When our co-founder Yaron Ben-Zvi and his wife were expecting their first child, they decided that to help protect their family’s financial future, they needed life insurance. Easier said than done. He couldn’t purchase a policy online and it took weeks (yes, plural) to receive a decision.

How was it possible that in a digital world where technology provides simple solutions to tasks big and small, that buying life insurance could still be so difficult and time-consuming?

He started Haven Life to fix that problem.

  • We’re a company that listens to our customers

    Haven Life is a diverse team of professionals dedicated to making a better experience for anyone who wants life insurance. We let our customers tell us what’s important to them, and then use modern technology to address those needs.

  • Why our partnership with MassMutual matters

    Our customers enter into a decades-long relationship with us. And in order to make sure that we can always deliver on our commitments, we needed the sort of credibility and long history of financial strength that a startup alone can’t provide.

    That’s why Haven Life is backed and wholly owned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), a life insurance company with more than 160 years of industry experience.

    We have your back, and they have ours.