The financial responsibilities you’re forgetting to teach your children

As parents, it’s our job to protect, provide for, and educate our children. Whether it’s teaching them how to hold a pencil correctly, to respect their elders, to parallel park a car, or the ins and out of financial management, the onus is on us to send our children into the world well-rounded and prepared for what they’re about to encounter.

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what you need to know about life insurance

Your Life Insurance Questions Answered

Life insurance can be difficult to understand… We get it and can commiserate with you. Many members of our team went through the buying process long before Haven Life came along.

Let us help you navigate the process and make an informed, confident decision. These are some of the most common questions we get from customers and our candid answers.

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What does term life insurance cover?

Life insurance helps cover your loved ones financially if you were to die. The money from a life insurance death benefit (the policy payout) can be used in numerous ways that support the beneficiaries’ needs.

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Using life insurance to protect against your mortgage

Owning a home means having a little piece of the world where your family can grow – a place your children can return to after first days of kindergarten, first dates, and first years at college.

Your home is also a cornerstone of your family’s financial future because it’s a substantial asset that’s likely to grow. But even the best-made plans are not certain, so homeowners need a way to protect their mortgage from falling to their partner or a co-signer if they were no longer around.

Term life insurance offers an affordable way to protect your family’s ability to pay the mortgage, and, ultimately, to stay in their safe haven. And, if you’re a young, healthy new homeowner, you have access to some of the best term life rates out there.

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Preparing for a life insurance medical exam

Even in the easy, online world of term life insurance, you still may need to take a medical exam to get your final decision on coverage eligibility and your real rate. This isn’t a bad thing. Typically, the less assumptions that are being made about your health often results in better policy pricing.

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term life insurance quotes online

How much of the life insurance application process can I do online?

We’ve become pretty accustomed to our convenient online services. It seems near impossible to imagine a life before Amazon Prime’s two-day free shipping, scheduling an early morning rideshare app pickup for 6 a.m. flights, or even being able to manage your banking without setting foot in an actual bank.

Just like the previously mentioned services, the life insurance buying process has also experienced similar innovation.

High quality, affordable and personalized coverage that can be purchased entirely online is real. And it’s spectacular.

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LifeLink app Haven Life

One for the home screen

Your mobile phone can do a lot of things. Reliably call 9-1-1, however, is not one of them. Today, I’d like to introduce you to LifeLink, our new free-to-all mobile app that enables your smartphone to accurately and instantly connect to emergency services – no matter where you are. Available now on iOS and Android…

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parenting with raquel dapice ugly volvo

Parent Brain: The notifications Snapfish really wants to send

Hi, it’s us here at Snapfish, and we are so thrilled you have decided to brighten our world with your tiny, beautiful bundle of joy, of whom you have taken 8,921 photos. Thank you for uploading them to our site!

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money lessons for kids

How to teach your kids about money

As someone who is experiencing the joys of sharing a living space with a toddler (and sharing my physical body with another tiny, growing human), I know first hand the exhaustion that we experience as parents. Of course, there’s the adventures, fun, cute memories and things they say, but at this stage in life, being routinely tired is a part of every day.

This exhaustion can make it easy to think that there are lessons we can skip over, push to a later date, or trust that our children will simply “pick up” on their own without our guidance. The topic this most often occurs with? Money.

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Life insurance policy term lengths

How to pick the right life insurance policy term length

Not sure which term length you should go with? We break it down for you.

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