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How to help your kid with homework without losing your mind

When I first started teaching, I had to learn completely new ways of doing almost everything I learned in elementary school. Second-grade addition and subtraction problems started to stump me.

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term life insurance online

Is term life insurance worth it?

Ever wondered if life insurance is worth the cost? We explain why (and when) it is.

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Multigenerational living: the new normal

As Americans face higher housing costs, rising costs of living, and childcare costs that may amount to nearly a third of a family’s take-home pay, multigenerational living can simultaneously decrease expenses and add more flexibility in terms of childcare.

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Who should be your life insurance beneficiary?

Naming the appropriate life insurance beneficiary isn’t that challenging, but it should still be done thoughtfully. Here’s how.

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Eight smart reasons to buy life insurance in your thirties

You know what they say about your 30s…

It’s the best time to buy life insurance.

Okay, so maybe they don’t actually say that, but the point still stands: Life insurance in your 30s is often one of the most practical, impactful and affordable times to buy a policy.

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Reviews: Should you add the Acorns app to your phone?

Acorns works on the “set it and forget it” principle. You spend, and money is automatically transferred to your account. By automating the investment process, Acorns makes investing simple.

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How playdates can be fun for parents, too

Even when your playdate doesn’t have a “happily ever after”, they can still provide valuable intel about neighborhood activities, schools, and the opportunity to swap parenting tips (or hilarious brunch anecdotes).

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How do you teach your children compassion?

There are plenty of skills parents can encourage to exercise their child’s ability to show empathy and kindness in a variety of situations. Here, how to help model compassion for preschool kids and older, so it becomes a regular part of their lives.

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How to make friends as a parent

How do you maintain friendships as an adult with kids?

Our writer’s insight into how to make new parent friends, and to keep up with old friendships, even after you have a baby.

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What is a legacy?

How to leave a legacy

You don’t need to be a millionaire to leave a meaningful legacy to your loved ones. Here, how to begin thinking of your legacy, and how to begin building it now, in both monetary and value-based ways.

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