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Parent Brain: The only way to set your child’s sleep schedule

To get your child to bed it’s helpful to have a plan, by which I mean a series of things you consistently do together which the child will then associate with bedtime.

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Parent Brain: How to prepare your child for the world when you have no idea what that world will be like

Growing up is far from easy, and you have a long road ahead of you, but it is my job (as your parent) to set you up for success (however one defines that word) when you become an adult. Based on what I know of the world, here is my advice.

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Parent Brain: How to make sure your children appreciate everything

The first step in raising a child who appreciates everything? Accepting that your child will absolutely not appreciate everything.

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Parent Brain: The notifications Snapfish really wants to send

Hi, it’s us here at Snapfish, and we are so thrilled you have decided to brighten our world with your tiny, beautiful bundle of joy, of whom you have taken 8,921 photos. Thank you for uploading them to our site!

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