What is temporary life insurance coverage?

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The life insurance industry can often seem like it speaks its own language. There are terms like “fluidless,” “proposed insured,” and “riders” – all of which understandably can cause a bit of hesitation and head-scratching.

In the life insurance purchasing process, you might come across a phrase called “Temporary Life Insurance Coverage,” also known as “TLIC.” For those of us who like instant gratification when it comes to our financial situation **raises hand**, TLIC is a wonderful thing.

When you qualify for TLIC, it means you can get your coverage while you wait for your medical exam results and final rate. Think of it as a sneak preview before the feature film.

Like any good preview, it may leave you with more questions about the main event. The following is what most people ask us about temporary life insurance coverage.

How do I start temporary life insurance coverage?

Not everyone is offered temporary life insurance coverage. Once an application is submitted, you’ll find out if we can get your coverage started that day. For TLIC to begin, we draft a payment equal to a month’s premium. The premium rate is an estimate of your overall health based on the information provided in your application. Once payment is cleared, coverage can begin.

Generally, the temporary coverage will be for the amount you applied for with the maximum available being $1 million. So, if you applied for $500,000, your TLIC will be $500,000. If you applied for $1,500,000, the maximum temporary coverage you can get is $1 million … with the full coverage going into effect after your medical exam results, and if approved, you accept your Haven Term offer.

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How do you activate TLIC and finalize coverage?

We’re glad you asked. It’s pretty easy:

1. E-sign and enter your payment details

After you submit your application, we may offer you TLIC. To activate it, you will need to sign your application electronically. Don’t worry – it’s not a commitment to buy coverage. It simply allows us (once payment is processed) to activate temporary coverage and help you schedule your medical exam. Signing is how you verify that the information you’ve given us on the application is correct.

You have up to seven days to electronically sign your application before your TLIC offer expires and you’ll need to resubmit your application.

Don’t worry —your existing application will mostly pre-fill your answers in the new application when you reapply, so you won’t need to start from scratch, but, really, why wait until the last minute to e-sign?

Once you’ve e-signed and entered valid payment information, temporary life insurance coverage can begin. Woo-hoo.

2. Complete a life insurance medical exam

The purpose of the life insurance medical exam is to help the insurer determine the appropriate price for your policy. For many customers, a medical exam helps keep your pricing lower.

While the medical exam is one of the very few offline aspects of Haven Life’s application experience, we still take every effort we can to make the process streamlined and painless. The exam itself takes about 20-30 minutes and there is no additional cost to you.

The examiner can meet you at home, your place of business or an exam office. Pick a place for the exam where you’ll be most comfortable giving a blood and urine sample. We find that the majority of Haven Life customers choose to have the paramed examiner come to their homes.

Pro tip: Consider booking a morning appointment, since fasting before the exam is recommended. For more tips on preparing for the medical exam and what to expect, refer to this helpful guide.

3. Review your final offer

Generally, lab results and a final offer for coverage will be available within a week of your exam. If further information is needed, an underwriter will reach out with a few specific questions about your life insurance application.

If you’re not satisfied with your post-medical exam rate for coverage, you’re not obligated to purchase. No hard feelings. In fact, we’ll refund your TLIC payment in full (typically in 7-10 business days).

Although unlikely, you could be declined for coverage based on the results of your medical exam or a few other factors. If that is the case, don’t worry, you may still have plenty of options for coverage available, and yes, your TLIC payment will be refunded.

How long does temporary life insurance coverage last?

Temporary life insurance coverage is, well, temporary. You’ll generally have 90 days to complete a medical exam and during that time, you’ll be covered as long as your TLIC payment is successfully received.

Once your coverage is finalized, the TLIC payment will be applied toward your first month’s premium.

You can cancel your application at any point during the process. Even if you accept the policy, you have a 10-day “Free Look” period to cancel if you feel that the coverage is not right for you. Again, allow for around a week for the refund to process.

What if I pass away with only TLIC in place?

That’s exactly what temporary life insurance coverage is meant to address. If you filled out your application accurately and honestly, were offered TLIC and your payment is received, you’re covered until you receive a final offer.

TLIC gives you the benefits of an active life insurance policy while you’re still waiting for underwriting to complete their review and finalize coverage. If anything happens during the TLIC period, your beneficiaries will be eligible to submit a claim. Which, reminds us, don’t wait until you have a final policy to notify your beneficiaries.

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Temporary coverage equals true peace of mind

TLIC is a convenient and helpful feature on your journey to full term life insurance coverage.

Part of what makes TLIC so great is that the coverage doesn’t actually cost you anything. If you are approved for full coverage after completing your medical exam and accept your offer, your TLIC payment will be applied toward your first month of full coverage. If you get declined or decide not to accept your offer, you’ll receive a full refund. No strings attached.

But TLIC is only a waypoint to finding the peace of mind that you and your family deserve. If you’re ready to e-sign and schedule a life insurance exam, go here. If you have more questions, chat with someone from Haven Life’s customer success team. We’re here to help. It’s literally our job.

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Haven Term is a Term Life Insurance Policy (DTC 042017 [OK1] and ICC17DTC in certain states, including NC) issued by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), Springfield, MA 01111-0001 and offered exclusively through Haven Life Insurance Agency, LLC. Policy and rider form numbers and features may vary by state and may not be available in all states. In NY, Haven Term is DTC-NY 1017. In CA, Haven Term is DTC-CA 042017. Our Agency license number in California is OK71922 and in Arkansas, 100139527.

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