Putting the ‘Power’ in Power Couple

all power couples are smart with their money

Barack and Michelle Obama. Kate Middleton and Prince William. Jay-Z and Beyonce. We all have couples that we look up to – the ones that speak each other’s “language” and seem to truly understand and support one another. But, the secret to success behind these dynamic duos is not so hush-hush at all; truly successful couples are always working together to maintain a healthy relationship.

Often times, the happiest, healthiest couples are seen as the most “powerful.” Even if you aren’t a celebrity, these are some of the traits that ensure success:

Plan Ahead

Having successful careers is common for power couples, but this alone doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship. Planning your future together is the real key to a strong and lasting bond. For some busy couples, planning ahead simply means coordinating schedules to decide which days of the week to have sit-down dinners together. Whether you’re discussing new career goals, vacation options or next weekend’s errands, try to set aside a regular time strictly for looking ahead with your partner. You may be surprised at what a bonding activity, with a lasting impact, this becomes.

Manage Budgets

Successful couples are also the most financially stable, and savvy, ones. Thriving couples mind their budgets as a team – engaging in regular, open and honest discussions about spending habits. Whether it’s through spreadsheets, websites or phone apps, decide how both of you prefer to track your money.

Learn to have fun with budget management by picking up a classic piggy bank and agreeing to both feed it at least $5 a week. In a year, enjoy breaking it open and buying something spontaneous with the extra money saved. Eyeing a tufted headboard that would look amazing in your bedroom? Thinking about a new, 50-inch television for the living room? Start saving now.

Invest in Experiences

We live in a material world, with many power couples spending their money freely on lavish possessions. However, research shows that money spent on life experiences brings us the most happiness. Experiences can range from vacationing, joining a sports team, planning a party or attending local events together. The happiest couples take advantage of their individual and joint successes by investing in experiences that create lasting memories together.

You and your significant other don’t have to be A-List celebrities to be deemed a power duo. The strongest couples have a mutual respect and love for one another – something that can be accomplished by us all. At the end of the day, you should feel like you’re in and continually working on a relationship that you, your partner and others can look up to.

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