8 ways busy people can use Thumbtack

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Life is short. Time is precious. And, well, those are two good excuses for not mowing the lawn, right?

The reality is, there’s never been a better time to hire someone to help you with all the things you need done, from landscaping to helping you throw a killer birthday party for your kids. (Not to mention reading your tarot cards, but more on that below.) Thanks to services like Thumbtack©, you can find, price and hire someone to help you, all online or even on your phone (via the free mobile app).

As the site puts it, Thumbtack basically an objective alternative to asking your friends and neighbors if they know a guy. And it turns out Thumbtack knows all the guys and has the ratings and rates to help you decide which one is right for you.

As for when you might need someone, well, you know your situation better than anybody. But here are a few ideas for young couples and parents.

Balancing the family budget

Personal accounting is tough. And managing money is inherently emotional, especially as your family grows and gains competing interests. (Night at the ballgame or new tablet device? Depends who’s making the budget.) Take some of the stress out by bringing in a money specialist on Thumbtack. This person can help you make decisions calmly, rationally and wisely. Easy.

Plumbing assistance

Three or more people using a home’s bathrooms. At least one of those people might lack an understanding of what can and cannot be flushed down a toilet. Do the math, and yes, the plumbing situation might get complicated. Thumbtack can help you find someone skilled in resolving such complications.

Mowing the lawn

For some, taking care of the yard is the perfect excuse to get some productive alone time (and some sun to boot). For others, it’s a chance to give the kids some chores / the invaluable opportunity to learn about hard work and responsibility. For most of us, though, it’s just a pain in the rear, one more thing to do on top of a day where both spouses are working and quality time with the kids is at a premium. A pro can cut your lawn in half as much time and make it look twice as good. Plus, find someone you like, and you might be able to have them help you with related odd jobs, like moving around outdoor plants or clearing out any problematic weeds.

Cleaning the house

Everything above about mowing the lawn could be said about cleaning the house: It needs to be done, but it takes time when time is at a premium. Paying someone else to do it might be worth your while, especially if it can be done during a time where you and your partner are at work. A no-brainer.

Pet care

Whether it’s a regular dog-walker or someone to mind the cat while you’re on summer vacation, Thumbtack is a plentiful resource for good people in your neighborhood.

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Balloon animal stuff

If you have children, you will, at some point, require someone who can tie balloons into animal shapes. Where do you find such a person, you might ask? Thumbtack. They have a whole category for “balloon twisters.” So you can stop hoping your brother-in-law can figure out how to make balloon elephants in time for junior’s 5th birthday.

Lessons for you and the kids

Finally, it’s time to enroll the kids in piano lessons. Or book lessons for you — regale your children with an acoustic “Wheels on the Bus” (or your spouse with the song from your first dance) or learn to count in Japanese. Which, someday, might spare you from hiring someone else to do it.

Personal development

If you’re truly at wits’ end from the pressure and the stress, well… we’re just pointing out that Thumbtack has a whole category page devoted to tarot card reading. (But maybe try their life coaching page first?)

Whatever the situation, if it overwhelms your personal expertise, you can hire someone on Thumbtack faster than you can teach yourself to solve something by Googling YouTube videos. The array of offerings is surprisingly vast, as you can tell from the list above. But it’s also deep—these are experts, with ratings, so it’s not just a dilettante who placed an ad online. Go forth and take advantage of all that Thumbtack, and living in the 21st century, has to offer. Especially if it involves balloon animals.


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