Best Foot Foward: What Newlyweds Need to Know

Being a newlywed couple can be both thrilling and challenging. You have a lifelong partner for support and to build memories with, but you also have to learn to compromise and communicate about important stages in your newlywed journey. Because we’re fans of planning ahead, the following topics, including chores, personal finances and term life insurance policies, are ones newlyweds should consider in their first year of marriage and will help with making positive steps toward planning a future together.

Finding Enjoyment in Everyday Errands

Figuring out whose turn it is to wash the dishes after dinner or who will walk the dog when it’s raining are just a few of the chores we’re happy to pawn off on someone else. To make life easier, consider making a list of tasks to “own” or ones each of you don’t mind doing. This way, you eliminate the need to discuss who did it last time. For the chores you don’t love, discuss being mindful of taking turns doing them and make sure to leave a nice thank you note here or there to show your appreciation. Doing chores as a team also helps, like walking the dog together or one person washing dishes and the other drying them. The main thing to remember is that marriage means shifting priorities, both big and small, from “me” to “we”.

Understanding When is Best to File for Joint Accounts

Getting married means more than sharing a last name, it also means having the ability to file for joint accounts. While discussing finances can build anxiety in some couples, think of it as peeling off layers of an onion – a steady and deep reveal of your partner’s financial history (not because it’s a tear-jerking process!) With many layers to peel through – from your bank statements, to any debts and saving for the future – deciding on which accounts and expenses to share is the first step and one that shouldn’t be put off for later. Setting realistic goals is the next one. Throughout the entire process, honest communication will be key.

Remember, the Future is Bright!

When you’re young, one of the most common questions adults ask is “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Once you’re married, the next most common question becomes “when are you going to have kids?” In making the transition from me-to-we thinking, planning ahead for your (growing) family becomes a common practice and one that you want to have an agreed upon response to.

As a married couple, it’s important to dedicate time to talk about your future together – whether it’s short-term goals like where to spend Christmas this year or long-term goals like saving for retirement or buying joint life insurance policies. Having these conversations helps to strengthen your relationship and assures married couples that they are on the same page in terms of planning future goals.

Married life beyond the honeymoon is the first leg of an exciting journey together. It’s all about saying “I do” to open and honest communication about your life goals as a couple and proactively planning for your future together.

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