35 ways we made life less hard in 2018

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If there’s one thing we enjoy more than writing stories that simplify complex topics (like life, or life insurance), it’s rounding up those stories based on the ones readers found the most valuable in 2018.

Think of the following as our greatest hits. Or our hall of fame. Or just a useful collection of links that can be enjoyed, referenced and used to make your everyday life easier

The stories that helped you be a better parent

Nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent – although three months of sleep deprivation and listening to Baby Shark on repeat for 24 hours might help. So, as long as families are changing and kids are growing, moms and dads will have questions… and we’ll do our best to answer them (or rather, find an expert who can).

How do you teach your children compassion?

12 ingredients all families should have on hand

How to find work-life balance as a parent

How to travel with kids during the holiday season

Life as the parent of a special needs child

The stories that talked about the financial-side family

Did you know that raising children costs a lot of money? Oh, you did? Well, budgeting for a growing family can be a tremendous burden, which is why we put an emphasis on stories that demystify, simplify and give parents the confidence to take control of their family finances.

Can you afford another child? Ask yourself these questions

How much can a surrogate earn?

How much would you pay to get your child to sleep?

The 2018 financial checklist for new parents

Top credit card options for parents

The stories that dealt with death

The worst thing that can happen when it comes to death – short of actually dying – is not being informed and educated about end-of-life planning. A little preparation goes a long way in reducing financial and emotional stress for your loved ones. We took some time in 2018 to tackle this uncomfortable topic head on and assist with one of life’s more difficult (but important) conversations.

What to say to someone who’s grieving – and what not to

What happens to your debts when you die?

How to make your family’s life easier if you die

How to leave a legacy

Why you (yes, you!) need to prepare a will now

The stories that simplified life insurance

This might surprise you, but we wrote a lot about life insurance this year. Here is a sampling of posts that we think can help you be confident when it comes to financially protecting those who mean the most to you.

Meet Haven Life Plus

5 mistakes to watch for when buying term life insurance online

Can taking a DNA test impact your life insurance rates?

Can my credit score affect my life insurance premium?

How to get life insurance the easy way

…and the stories that simplified other types of insurance

Insurance is kind of like potato chips. It’s hard to have just one. Of course, unlike potato chips, insurance is can also be complicated, complex and intimidating. We made it our duty in 2018 to try and take some of the guesswork out of understanding various types of financial protection that people in your position might want.

Worth it or not: dental and vision plans for young kids

5 times long-term disability insurance makes sense

Here’s why I’m asking everyone if they have disability insurance

5 things to think about when picking health insurance as a family

What I learned when shopping for homeowners insurance

The stories that made sense of your money

CFPs. MBAs. CPAs. We worked with all sorts of acronym’d experts in 2018 to try and guide you through some of the financial pain points that go hand in hand with some of life’s most exciting moments. Buying your dream home. Getting a promotion. Getting married. All wonderful occasions and all wrought with fiscal complexities.  It’s ironic/annoying how that works, right?

10 things to know before buying a home

How to talk about money with your partner

How to save for retirement as a freelancer

How to manage money in your 30s

Realistic tips for creating an emergency fund

The stories that focused on making you the best you that you could be

We think you’re pretty perfect just the way you are. But just in case you’re thinking about making any resolutions or creating any self-improvement goals, we handpicked a couple of our favorite posts that could help point you in the right direction. Hey, as always, we’ve got your back.

How to organize your digital assets

6 ways to work from home more effectively

Podcasts that will make you smarter

Seven apps to download to make 2019 less hard

How can I get a perfect credit score?

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