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Yaron Ben-Zvi

Welcome to the Haven Life blog! Here we’ll aim to inform, entertain and provide you with updates on our launch in 2015.

Let me first start with a disclaimer that, trust me, I know life insurance isn’t a sexy subject. However, it’s a necessary one when it comes to financial preparedness, and the good news is, thinking about it, researching it and even purchasing a policy won’t cause anything bad to happen – except for a mild headache and frustration. At least, that was what I experienced when I first went through the process.

When my wife, Heather, and I were expecting our first child, I decided it was time to purchase a life insurance policy. While I had gotten an MBA and been working in financial service startups for many years, when it came time to select a policy, I realized I didn’t know very much about the options available to me or where to start when term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Once I did some initial research and decided to move forward with a term life insurance policy, I was surprised to find out I couldn’t purchase it online. I’m able to purchase almost everything else in my life online – how is it possible that I can’t purchase life insurance the same way?

After going through the strenuous, and rather confusing, process of applying and purchasing term life insurance policy, I walked away feeling less than confident about my choice. And, I’m probably not the only person who has felt this way. There needed to be a simpler, more convenient and online way to purchase term life insurance – and, a few years later, I co-founded Haven Life to bring this simple idea to life.

At Haven Life, we’re setting out to change the way you purchase term life insurance. We believe that technology offers a solution to this time-consuming process that is easier, faster and just plain better.

Here’s what we plan to deliver:

  • A simple online process
  • Immediate decisions from our proprietary algorithms
  • No sales pressure or commissions
  • A plain language policy
  • Easy price and policy comparisons
  • Backing by a 150-year-old life insurer

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us at help@havenlife.com.

Happy Reading,

Yaron Ben-Zvi
CEO and Co-Founder, Haven Life

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