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Yaron Ben-Zvi

Yaron Ben-Zvi is Head of Platform Innovation for MassMutual, as well as the co-founder and CEO of Haven Life, MassMutual’s in-house startup that’s setting the pace for innovation in life insurance. In this role, Yaron oversees the strategy and vision of direct-to-consumer initiatives and is responsible for the delivery of an end-to-end digital life insurance transactional platform. His interest in life insurance began as a customer when he set out to buy a life insurance policy for himself and found existing solutions had not yet realized the potential of digital capabilities in the space. Previously, Yaron was a founder in several early stage companies, including a digital life insurance agency as well as an early robo-advisor. Earlier in his career Yaron worked with various innovative media companies. He was an early employee at social listening platform BuzzMetrics, later acquired by Nielsen Media, as well as an early employee at Oxygen Media, later acquired by NBC. You can read more content from Yaron on Forbes or via his LinkedIn posts.

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