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6 reasons to take advantage of Haven Life Plus right now

From no-cost will services to a fitness app to help you stave off the Covid 15.

The coronavirus pandemic has led many of us to do all kinds of new things remotely, with mixed results. Ordering curbside pickup from upscale restaurants? Good. Zoom meetings with kids running naked through the background? Less good. Virtual learning? Impossible. But as you continue to adjust to a more virtual life, it’s worth looking at Haven Life Plus — a rider (think bonus feature) full of partner services available for eligible Haven Life customers — with fresh eyes, to see what it can offer during these challenging times. Everything included is meant to provide added value to your policy by making life less hard. (And who couldn’t use that right now?)

Here are six things you may need right now, and how Haven Life Plus can help.

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You need more exercise

The US response to Covid has varied significantly from state to state, so you may live in an area where gyms are open, or you could be in a place where they remain closed and feel like a distant memory from the Before Times. For those who can’t go to the gym or would rather not, Aaptiv is a game changer. The exercise app has workouts for everybody, from the dedicated gym rat to someone who just wants a reason to get off the couch for 15 minutes. Best of all, there are workouts for indoors and out, so wherever you are and whatever your comfort level, Aaptiv will have a workout for you. Best of all, in a time when every day, week and month starts to blur together, Aaptiv is devoted to mixing it up: Every week they add roughly 30 new workouts for you and your family to try. There’s never been a better time to give it a go, either, as they’ve just added video guides for many of their most popular workout categories to the app.

You need easy access to your important documents

As things slowly begin to reopen, you might find yourself needing certain documents — for just one example, immunization records to send junior back to school. LifeSite, which is included for no cost with Haven Life Plus, is essentially a secure online filing cabinet/safe deposit box/ vault where you can store all of your family’s important documents and access them any time, anywhere (even from your in-laws’ couch), from your laptop or mobile phone. Suffice it to say that this time is full of unexpected turns, and not having access to important information for work, for school, for travel or in an emergency could bring all sorts of unwanted headaches.

It’s also handy if you’re not currently in your home because of the pandemic — perhaps you’re one of the folks hunkering down with family in a different state, trying to work and homeschool remotely in someone else’s house. If you need a document in such conditions — medical records, your will, life insurance or any other insurance policy — and that document is in the filing cabinet at home a couple of thousand miles away, you may wish you had a different system.

It’s not just easier life insurance, it’s an easier life.

Learn about the perks that come with being a Haven Term policyholder.

Explore Haven Life Plus

You need to see the doctor

Even before Covid, telehealth — visiting your doctor virtually, through the warm glow of a computer screen — was increasing in popularity. Now, for many people, it has become essential, a way to get must-have medical guidance without taking the risk of going to an in-person doctor’s office or hospital.

Haven Life has arranged for Plus members to receive a 15% discount from MinuteClinic, which offers a wide range of family health services, many of them virtually. For those services that do need you to physically go to a clinic, MinuteClinic doesn’t require appointments and it can be found inside many Target and CVS stores, so you can find a location and time that suits you and be in and out quickly — and safely. Worth noting: Some MinuteClinics also offer Covid testing right now.

Your relatives need help organizing their lives

One of the biggest stresses related to Covid-19 is other people’s stresses. Many parents of young children are trying to manage the disruption and anxiety felt by their kids while simultaneously doing the same thing for their parents. It is not easy. (Even getting your parents to use Zoom can be hard). If your older relatives are using their time at home to deal with decades’ worth of paper (medical documents, wills, deeds…) and finding the experience overwhelming, they can use your LifeSite account to create a neat, easy to use repository of their important documents — and if you’re a Plus member, up to five family members can use it. It will be one less source of stress for them, and for you.

You realized you need a will

When hundreds of thousands of people die of a new disease, it’s natural to start thinking about your own mortality. So yes, it might be time to make a will and no, you probably don’t feel like sitting in a lawyer’s office right now. If you have Haven Life Plus, consider the problem solved. Trust & Will is an online service that allows you to make a state-specific, legally binding will with ease, or establish a trust if you’d prefer. Normally the service costs $159 (or far more if you’re seeking out a lawyer on your own), but it comes at no cost to Plus members. Even in normal times, Trust & Will takes the stress out of making a will. In these abnormal times, the fact that at least one problem can be solved, and solved quickly, feels downright reassuring.

You need better sleep

Several months into COVID-19, we’ve all learned that living through a global pandemic is pretty stressful, which means that many of us are not sleeping well. (Did you once sleep perfectly, but now wake in the middle of the night with existential angst? You are not alone.) Haven Life Plus has two solutions to this problem: Aaptiv and Timeshifter.

Aaptiv, would normally run you almost $100 per year, but it, too, is no-cost for Haven Life Plus members. Again, it’s an exercise app, but we’re not suggesting you use it to literally run yourself into the ground so you’re exhausted into slumber. Instead, Aaptiv also has numerous meditation programs which will help you to de-stress and function better in the day. In particular, check out the guided meditations that are specially designed to ease you into a sound night of well-earned sleep.

Timeshifter is an app that takes a scientific approach to dealing with jet lag by giving you clear, to-the-minute instructions on when to see or avoid bright light, when to drink coffee, nap or sleep. You might wonder why that would come in handy right now, since most of us are avoiding airplane travel. Well, for some of you, you might have waited out the viral storm by bunkering down with a relative in a different time zone. Or maybe you’re one of the many who are RV-ing across the country right now. And while it’s called jetlag, not RV-lag, for a reason, even a night or two of rough sleep is a night or two too many. Timeshifter provide tips on when to limit your light exposure so your body is better prepared to fall asleep at night. This app was created with the input of a Harvard neuroscientist, but it will cost you considerably less than tuition at that august institution. Haven Life Plus members enjoy it for no cost — a $24.99 annual value.

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Haven Life is a customer centric life insurance agency that’s backed and wholly owned by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual). We believe navigating decisions about life insurance, your personal finances and overall wellness can be refreshingly simple.

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